Our story

Herbst Musicaux Festival was founded in Verona in 2018 to enhance the relationship between music, nature and human beings. Since then, it has taken place every autumn in the beautiful italian garden Giardino Giusti in the city of Verona, in the north of Italy. The name is made by two words in two different languages: Herbst, which comes from german and means autumn, and Musicaux, from french, which meaning is musical and refers to the artworks by Rachmaninoff and Schubert “Moment Musicaux”. We chose two languages to indicate the openness of classical music, as a form of art able to give value to every human.

Beside that, since the very beginning of the Festival, we’ve always introduced women composers in our concert programs and we will continue to make this choice as a distinctive trait of Herbst Musicaux Festival.

Herbst Musicaux’ concerts are unique experiences which merge the human factor with the beauty of nature and the depth of music.

Since 2018 we invited more than 30 international musicians and shared music with more than 1500 people in our audience.

Herbst Musicaux 2021 – Geliebte Clara

“Trough the intellect Nature can be understood, but only through artistic sensitivity can be lived itself”

Rudolf Steiner

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Via Giardino Giusti
Verona, Italy